the color red….

It has been a long time since the last photo contest! I have been so very busy trying to keep up with my sweet new baby and chasing my other two munchkins. It has been quite a ride learning to adjust to three children.

So, with the holidays quickly on us I thought I would ask you all to take a photo of something red. It does not have to be Christmas related. How you interpret the theme is up to you.

I do have a prize for this one, too. I will randomly choose one person to win a prize pack of all 3 sets of my actions. Two of these packs have not even been released, yet.

Here is my sample photo to get you started.  It is a picture of  the red velvet fudge I made a couple of days ago.

{red velvet fudge}

If you want the recipe you can CLICK HERE.
Of course I would love it if you clicked on the share button to bring your friends here.  It is not a necessary part of the contest though.  All that is required is your photo link.  🙂
Now to the entries…
Add your link by clicking the button below.  Next Wednesday I will randomly draw a winner.  Only one entry per person.  If your entry is removed it is because you were not linked properly.  Please be sure to use the permalink directly to your photo post.  And above all…have fun!!!


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