{Another major fail…}

Yup, that’s me. Admitting another fail.  Wanna know what I failed at?  Ok, I’ll tell.  Just don’t laugh please.  Pretty please?



Fried Chicken.  I failed at making fried chicken.  Again.  See it is not that I failed, it is that I failed twice.  I bought drumsticks.  Made the bread crumbs and the buttermilk.  Got the drumsticks out of the bag and realized that they were the size of turkey drumsticks.  Any other time I would have bought them, they would have been tiny little meatless drumsticks, but today they were huge!!!!  I mean HUGE!!!!  I really should have started dinner earlier or maybe oven fried the buggers.  It took me one hour to cook those stupid things.  They tasted absolutely awful.  No flavor and the crumbs were burnt.  I was so sad.  I have used my once weekly chance to cook the only meat I like (next to fish) and I screwed it up.  I think pan fried chicken is going on the list of things I will never ever cook again.  I mean EVER.  Yuck!  lol

On  a good note.  I made donuts this morning and those were awesome.  Except I used all the powdered sugar to make cupcake icing.  haha  I guess that makes two fails in one day.  Some day, huh.  I guess I should have gone to church after all.

Donuts Recipe

{Donuts for tea}


6 Comments to “{Another major fail…}”

  1. the donuts look good… whats the recipe?

  2. Sorry that you ‘failed’ at fried chicken! That is never good!!

    The donuts look yummy!! I would have done cinnamon and sugar on them! LOL!!

    And, not that it will help any diet, but if you use buttermilk biscuits (you know, the dough boy kind), they make YUMMY donuts, and super simple!!

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