Clickin Moms {my new joy}

I finally bought a membership to Clickin Moms.  I didn’t realize that there were memberships for those of us with diapers to buy.  lol  I bought a one month membership to test it out.  I am barely even into the first thread and really wish I could stay for life.  There is just so much info to process!  Reading some of the tips and tricks makes me even more excited to pull out my camera.  I know I have so much to learn and for at least the next month I will be soaking it all in!  Check it out for yourself.  Click the box below to see what Clickin Moms is all about.


2 Comments to “Clickin Moms {my new joy}”

  1. Hey Brenda, can you “refer a friend”? I’ve been thinking about getting a membership as well, and I’d be happy to give you the credit, if it works that way… Let me know. 🙂

    • Sure!! Just click the box and when you sign up using that lik it will give me credit. (I just dicovered this while browsing the forum). 🙂

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