{Why do I try?}

As I stand in my kitchen with it’s mound of dishes, dirty laundry and the worlds cutest screaming baby, I ask myself, Why? Why do I try? They never like what I cook. It is a HUGE fight at the table every night. I have to send one or the other of the kids to their rooms and (ahem) a lot of yelling. Now, it isn’t the veggies I have an issue with. It is the meat and “potatoes” part that they don’t like. If I served fish, fries and a veggie every night, they would scarf if all up.
So, halfway through the cooking process my hubs comes in and grabs the baby because he just can’t take it anymore. He smiles at me and I remember what it is all about.  I suffer through every night of cooking, fighting and clean up because I love them. I make nutritious food as often as I can so I know that I am doing my part to build healthy habits for their futures. I really hope they appreciate it in the long run. For now I just muddle through and look forward to the days when I have time to fire the oven up and bake something sinful.

baking jewels on 365 Project

Have a beautiful day,


2 Responses to “{Why do I try?}”

  1. Thanks for posting this. Sometimes we all need a gentle (or not so gentle reminder) so we can keep going. I just keep telling myself that pretty soon my kids will be teenagers and want nothing to do with me, so an extra story or game is worth it right now. The laundry and dishes can wait.


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