{lose} my word for 2011

My word for 2011 is lose.  I think it may seem a bit odd but here is why I chose this word.

I want to lose the last 20 some pounds since having my last child.  Really I am not in any HUGE hurry since she is only 4 months and I am still sitting at around 150.  Not bad but I can still feel the weight “weighing” me down some days.  (catch all the puns in there.  lol)  I am so tired all the time and I am easily out of breath.  It makes it very hard for me to follow my own children around much less other children I am hoping to photograph this year.

I am just dying to lose the clutter and excess junk in my home.  It is full of stuff I don’t use, need or even want any more.  I have boxes of stuff sitting in my closets and shed that I am sure I don’t even remember buying.

Most important of all is losing my fear.  Fear of people that is.  I am on a good start with that already by becoming more active in my MOPS group and bowling every Wednesday night.

{lose in 2011}

What are your plans for the year?  Have you chosen your “power” word yet?  I would love to hear what you are doing!


5 Responses to “{lose} my word for 2011”

  1. *smiles* Great word, Brenda! Perhaps your children will help with the losing the fear of people too–they are so pure and open when they are so little!

  2. GREAT word Brenda. I’m going with “intenton” this year. I am going to start surrounding myself with people and things I actually WANT around and doing things I WANT to do instead of out of obligation, etc.

    Good Luck “lose”-ing this year!

    • I LOVE your word! I think that may become my “sub-word” for the year. lol I do a lot of things because it is expected of me, too. Excellent choice Stephanie!

  3. I love your word! And I wish I could say that my excess weight was from my four month old… but my baby is 20 years old! Guess I cannot use him as my excuse 🙂

    Joy & Blessings to you,

    (joy is my word)



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