I am a creative soul. I enjoy all things colorful and beautiful. Photography allows me to do what I love on a time frame that still allows me to be at home with my sweet children. If you feel anything like I do about your family then you would understand my almost compulsive need to keep those memories forever. I am here to help you capture those memories.


One Comment to “About”

  1. Hello Brenda,

    i am the owner of http://funwithfliffy.blogspot.com/
    i would you to be featured at my blog, if you agreed i would you to answer these questions about photography and general fact about you.

    1. Can you tell me about yourself ?
    2. What make you fall in love with photography ?
    3. Can you please list down 5 tools that are essential for a photographer ?
    4. What are the basic requirements should a newbie has to be a photographer ?
    5. Can you please show us your most memorable photos and why ?

    i can be reach at : funfliffy@gmail.com

    my blog is personal i just love your dedication with your work and wanna share it to my blog reader 🙂

    thanks a lot
    Farha aka fliffy

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